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Belleville Illinois Business Phone Systems-About Us

Why Choose Computron Technology Solutions?

Computron Incorporated is an advanced network development and IT communications company that was founded in 1994 and specializes in the unification of secure convergent enterprise technologies.  Combining voice, data, video and wireless communications on a secure IP platform is transforming the way the world communicates and the way that business is done.  Computron Incorporated provides comprehensive IP-based voice, data, and video solutions, MPLS networking, data center, cloud computing, and managed hosting services to business, government, finance, legal, healthcare, education, and other industries and organizations.  Our enterprise-class solutions align voice, data, video, networking, disaster recovery, data storage, and data security services with infrastructure, advanced technologies, and best practices to provide intelligent and transformational network solutions.  These solutions are designed for organizations in Belleville, Illinois and the

St. Louis Metro Area that need powerful, reliable IT and telephony solutions-whether the organization is a single site or a global enterprise.

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