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Belleville Illinois Business Phone Systems Products

Computron is an advanced IT network and telecommunications company.  Since 1994, Computron has installed and supported the highest quality and most affordable business phone systems for SMB, Corporate, Enterprise, Government and Educational Institutions. Computron has teamed with the world leaders in IP business phone systems to provide complete and affordable enterprise and SMB on-premise, hybrid, and hosted solutions.  By deploying essential communications and adding the latest meeting and messaging services, Computron provides a complete collaboration solution. Should you need assistance with an existing phone system issue or to request a free quotation or site visit for a new phone system, please email us at or call us at (618) 744-7144.

Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

for Belleville Illinois

In 1995 a new telecommunications technology called Voice over IP or (VoIP) came on-line and changed traditional business communications forever.  Face to face meetings could now be done without flying across the country and staying in a hotel for days.  Large corporate offices across the globe were suddenly brought into the same building without moving a thing.  For so long all that could be done with a telephone was limited voice calling at a comparatively great expense.  Now a whole new world in communications opened up that allows voice, video, wireless, mobile and computers to all be used together at the same time on a single IP Platform.  Collaboration through Unified Communications (UC) completely changed how business is done.  People work together in many different ways now.  They use a lot of collaboration tools such as, IP telephony for voice calling, web and video conferencing, voice mail, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging, presence, and more. Unified communications (UC) solutions allow for the integration of all of these tools, with a perfect cross-platform user experience that helps people to work together more efficiently from anywhere or on any device.  UC creates a real-time collaboration interface from your business phone system and conferencing solution to your messaging, meeting, chat, and mobile systems to seamlessly integrate all of these platforms with your business applications using API’s.  Computron Incorporated has been providing customized business phone systems for small, mid-sized, and enterprise customers throughout the St. Louis and St. Louis Metro Area for over 25-years.  Computron installs and supports Cisco, ESI, Allworx, and other leading affordable VoIP phone systems.  In addition to on-premise phone systems that you will own and have installed on-site, Computron also installs and supports hybrid and hosted telephone solutions.  Computron has locations in St. Louis, Missouri, and in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, and Belleville, Illinois to provide your organization with an experienced local Belleville Business Phone Service Partner.  Should you need assistance with an existing phone system issue or to request a quotation or free site visit for a new phone system, please email us at or call us at (618) 744-7144.

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